Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine Is Not Such An Ordinary Day

first of all, I would love to say

Valentine's Day Graphics

there is nothing special for me to share
at this moment, until I found this:

it's a nice, nice, nice clip!
it has shown a lot means of love.

as I've seen in dictionary,
love [luv]
is feel tender affection for somebody:
to feel tender affection for somebody such as
a close relative or friend,
or for something such as a place,
an ideal, or an animal.

so, love is not always to feel romantic
and sexual desire for somebody.

and February never means month of love!

obviously we can share our love everyday.
not only on February, esp. on 14th.

wth with February 14th?!
it's just an ordinary day
which St. Valentine is honored.
also I've never known any correlations
between St. Valentine and Chocolates.

here is further information about
St. Valentine or Santo Valentinus

do you see any words chocolate or pink or rose (flower)?

wew, two tags at once!
'thanks' to Cipta and Vanessa
because you remembered me. hho.

I would really love to get a tag,
IF, there is nothing to do.
in fact. there are so many things that I've to do right now.
physics exam, chemistry exam, mathematics exam, biology exams.

I used to love them.
but since I have been in SSC (suck science class)
everything's gone wrong.
I've never expected being like this
when I chose SSC.

hmm, sorry my pal.
I'll do those tags next post,