Saturday, 21 March 2009

Freedom Day!

wew, it's been a looooong time to be here, at my freedom day.
I've to pass my:
  • Biology - English mid-term test on Monday
  • Mathematics mid-term test on Tuesday
  • Physics - Chinese mid-term test on Wednesday
  • Chemistry - Civic Education mid-term test on Thursday
  • Indonesian - History mid-term test on Friday
they're such a trouble! considering I really hate mid-term and term test.
I think there isn't any benefit for doing mid-term test or term test.
huaaa, whatever. the most important thing now that everything is over.
I can enjoy my life as usual :P

by the way, few days ago I found this pleasant clip.
check this out :)

 love this clip!
though I don't really like orange. hho.

last word: Happy freedom day pals!