Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sickened - Julie Gregory and Ice Cream Game

recently I read Sickened,
a book based-on-true-story.
the story describes the life of a girl
named Julie (the author) whose mother has
a mental disease which is called
M√ľnchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP).
MSbP describe with
  • Munchausen syndrome by causing illness or injury in another to obtain attention; usually by a parent or caregiver against a child -dr Scully

  • An insidious disorder in which injury is deliberately and gradually inflicted upon another person usually for gaining attention or some other benefit. Also described by some as a form of extended child abuse, but that description left the physician who first wrote of the condition "squeamish", and is not unanimously agreed with. -Wikipedia
here's some quote (I've read Indonesian version,
borrowed from school library. hho):

"karena itulah yang kuyakini,
itu jugalah yang kurasakan.
karena begitulah yang kurasakan,
begitu jugalah aku bertindak.
karena seperti itulah aku bertindak,
begitu pulalah dunia memperlakukan aku.

"kebenaran adalah apa saja
yang diyakini oleh pikiranmu.

further info about this syndrome, check this out:
Julie Gregory's
MSbP Indonesian definition

yesterday I found such a magnificent game!
absolutely amazing,
for the game is about ICE CREAAAAAM!
geez! I'm obsessed with this amazing game.

here are some screenshots
(and you will know how splendid this game could raise your appetite):


= *gasp* give me that!!! =

= scoops of ice cream! God, I'm going crazy =

= though I don't really like banana split,
this pic successfully made me hungry :/ =

this game supposed to be easy
IF the board's tiles weren't shaped HEXAGONAL! .
so, why don't you check out this fabulous game right now? ;)
Cindy's Sundaes

p.s: eskrim rasa vanilla dari gelar
thanks Gelar for this virtual ice cream :)
though I wish you'll give me the real one. ho3.