Thursday, 7 May 2009

Lol Pics and Award

I found these failure pics several days ago
from this cool blog (Fail Blog)
let's laugh together and.. enjoy! :)

then, I made an award to share with youuuuu :)

the rules are:

  • of course, put this pic in your post.

  • share your childhood memory about your childhood toy(s).
    with pic better :D

  • as usual, tag some friends of yours :)

here are some photos of my favorite childhood toy; Lego :)

I want to play Lego again. ho3.

Cipta, Inez, Lulu, Lynn, Venessa, Bena, Nindy, Onic, Putri, and Shintung.

I'm not tagging everybody
cause I want you to tag them :) hho.

btw, I've just realized that ActII - Caramel Corn is yumm yumm.
it's really sure a crowd pleaser :)