Friday, 12 June 2009

Muble Jumble

doing nothing,
so I browsed some pics.
first name which burst out of my mind:
Zooey Deschanel.
yeahh, she always looks good,
though I don't really like her in blonde hair.
uhmm, I just don't like it.

when I was browsing,
I also found this cool song!
geez, Mocca always great, even collaborated with Kuburan Band.

Monkey Love - Kuburan Band ft Arina 'Mocca'

hmmm, again don't know what to do,,
I browsed some pics of Kenichi Matsuyama,
who portrayed L Lawliet character.
if you watched Death Note the movie, esp.
"L Change The World",,
you have to know him :)

his face looks different in someways.
in Death Note the movie,
his face looks like these:

actually I don't really like him,
but I enjoy looking at his photos,
esp. when he took photos with sweet(s) like these:

I think it's a weird combination
between his spooky face and those colourful sweets :D

but Kenichi's face absolutely different
when he doesn't wear that spooky make-up..

suddenly I realized that
Kenichi Matsuyama looks a lot like Hideaki Takizawa

do they resemble each other?