Monday, 26 April 2010

Officially Passed UAN

finally, I become a GRADUATOR.
just as what I expected before,
we will get through this :)

but there are some unpredictable things
that I got after the graduation announcement:
  • one of my acquaintances hasn't passed the UAN perfectly

  • so she has to do the UAN remedial

  • it makes my school graduation percentage isn't 100%

  • I bet all of my teachers feel disappointed

  • I got 80 for Indonesian *really wish I could get more than 90*

  • my physics score is 80! oh my I thought it would be lower than 70

  • Gilbert, the most alienated student in my class, got 100 for English

  • that means he got the highest score for English in my school
and many other upredictable things..

phew, I feel completely happy with the result, though.
well, how about your school life, visitors?
I wish you have a splendid one like mine too :)