Thursday, 17 June 2010

Introducing My New Lover

well, first of all, I'm not a Korean addict.
I even hate, Hangul, that effing complicated Korean language, for sure.
but my hatefulness to Hangul doesn't make me stop loving Korean dramas :)

I do love watching TV series, esp. Korean dramas,
since the very first time I watched
Endless Love/Autumn In My Heart in 2000

from all K-dramas and movies that I've watched,
these are worth to watch:
  • Stairway to Heaven Kwon Sang Woo

  • Kamgeun's Mom

  • Seven Days

  • All About Eve

  • Dae Jang Geum (Jewel In The Palace)

  • Daddy-Long-Legs

  • Hearty Paws Yoo Seung Ho!!!

yesterday, I've just finished watching Thank You,
a touching, encouraging, romantic Korean drama.

three thumbs up for this drama :)

and I noticed another hottie also my new lover
Jang Hyuk
with his short haircut, he looks so gorgeous in Thank You

in my opinion, he looks more gorgeous with short haircut.
though he's still good-looking in long haircut,
I just don't like long-hair guy :)

the best part of the film I really like
is when Bom, a little girl who was infected by HIV,
singing Beautiful World in episode 12.

click here for the original version of that lovely song,
Ah Reum Da Oon Se Sang (Beautiful World).

by the way, I just realized in Shakira's Waka2 official video,
there are so many Cristiano Ronaldo faces! :D
once I watched this clip I just focused on Shakira.
she looks so beautiful and attractive in the clip :)