Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Going to Leave The Adolescence Period Soon

up till now, I'm 18 y.o
but it's only about 3 hours more
and I'm going to be 19-year-old girl,
well, or should I call myself woman?
oh please, don't call me that way.
I hate growing old since I'm still immature

being 19.
that means next year I'm 20. lol, everybody knows that :P
and being 20 y.o means I'm entering
what is called "Early Adulthood Period"
hell no no no no no!!!
I really don't want to be adult.
being adult indicates I have to be more responsible
and for me, it'd be sucks..

I still enjoy sleeping and waking up late.
easy child with impulsive thought.
babbling everything with no consideration.
procrastinating tasks which somehow bother others.
in conclusion: I just love being irresponsible. hahahaha

but, btw, I'm going 19, so why should I think about being 20 now?
LOL. silly me.
well, perhaps this year is
the most-I-dont-want-anything-for-my-birthday-present birthday ever.
I want nothing as my present, for sure..
does it show that I become more mature? hahaha

hmm. there's nothing else I can say.
uhmm, to end this random post about tomorrow, the-3-February day,
I want to share a quotation from

Apa yang sudah kita lakukan,
jangan pernah disesali

- Jarwo Kuat on Hitam Putih, 1 Feb 2011

last edited on Feb 26th:
oh Lord, I uploaded 'em from imageshack
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