Monday, 7 March 2011

One Two Fine Days!

3rd March:
I went to Grand Indonesia 5th floor to visit Magnum Cafe.
it has an extremely great concept for sure.
it's like when I went there, I didn't enjoy the food
but the ambiance of the cafe itself.

well, I'm not going to tell any technical explanation
about Magnum Cafe (which you can read it here for more detail).
this post is about my experience, me in Magnum Cafe

here are some photos of me with my undergrad friends in the cafe.

the service was quite lame.
it felt like we were waiting for hours,
though the servant said apology

the funny thing was when Monic asked the servant
about her order (it happened something mistake at that time
which make her being the last one to be served).

since Monic ordered 'Prince Charming' beverage,
so she asked: "Mbak, Prince Charming saya mana ya?"
and the servant said: "Tunggu sebentar ya."

the servant wanted to look for a Prince Charming for Monic

6th March:

one day (I forgot the date)
my mom suddenly booked us (me, brother, father, and mom herself)
for a théâtre d'objets (French for: object theater),
it's like a puppet show in Taman Ismail Marzuki ,
which was performed by Compagnie à,
a theatrical group from France.

oui! I do enjoy the show.
it's frantically funny yet sad,
because I missed some parts when the performer
talked in French

but overall, I enjoyed it,
the show was really entertaining.

anyway, the show inspired me to take a Frech course in CCF,
for CCF located near my home. lalala~
but I have to reconsider that impulsive thinking of mine
because my university life is already made me bother *sigh*

here are the snapshots of the event

and in the night, we decided to dinner at Takigawa, Grand Indonesia.
at first we didn't know that Takigawa was on discount!
since my brother has a BNI card,
so we ate much but not spent much.
what a luck! ^^(Y)