Saturday, 18 June 2011

Blu is the New Green :3

who's that kid, Stell?

yupp. let me introduce that lovely kid.
her name is Blu (don't know how to spell her name correctly),
and she is a newcomer in Padua halfway house :)

she is totally different among other kids in the house.
she is easily get along with new people and
the most important thing is,
she answered every questions nicely which I asked to her.

she has a cute smile and she showed it quite often.
I like her hair. it feels so smooth.
and its color isn't brown or red, like other kids have,
but it's black.

I really like Blu.
I never once said to any other kids,
"do you want to go home with me?".
don't know what's wrong with me at that time
until I asked that odd question to her.
luckily, instead her saying "yes, I do",
she just shook her head and smile bashfully.
I can't imagine if she said yes.
how could I take her home without making
my parents got shocked? LOL
silly me.

it's such a bless to meet her on Saturday (18/6/2011).
it's the day when she gave me a new hope
through my hopelessness.
I felt I have no empathy towards others.
I thought I have no capability in doing such thing
like being the kids companion.

after meeting Blu, I realized
it's only a matter of time, for me,
to be able getting along with others.
especially with children in special needs.

thanks a lot Blu,
for giving me such
a good time together,
a great experience,
a new hope,
and an awesome value
so I could get through that hard time.

hope we'll meet again soon :)

ps: green is my favorite color.
this is the reason I called Blu is my new green :P