Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Amusing Cooking Day

during holiday,
me with my besties; Lulu, Cindy, Vina, Xsella, Angie, and Cathlin
wondering what fun activity can we do together
to spend our holiday enjoyably :)

and at last, with super duper hyper great idea came from Lulu,
we decided to make something eatable today.
we made Chocolate Fondue and Custard Pudding (quite) successfully.

it's my very first time cooking by myself (okay, with all my friends)
without my mom's presence or guidance.
it's really fun, esp. because we made it together.
we laughed, cooked, took photos, laughed, ate, laughed, ate,
laughed, ate, laughed, ate. LOL

and since I did this thing,
I set some kind of assurance in my heart that COOKING IS EASY.
cooking can be so damn easy
as long as the recipe was written in detail
and the cooker read then follow really carefully.

we laugh all the time.
it's such a very nice moment to share with all my friends
but really unfortunate, Cathlin can't join us.
instead of 7 people, there were only 6 of us enjoyed the togetherness.

in the end, before we go home,
Cindy, the one who's just celebrate her 19th birthday on 17th Jul,
was given a surprise from the others.
we spread the chocolate paste left from Choco Fondue recipe
to Cindy's face, brutally.

it's hard for me to describe every moments in this lovely day.
to feed your curiosity I shared photos that were taken
from 10 am to 5 pm this day.
hope those photos reveal all things happened today
comprehensively :D