Monday, 7 November 2011

Craving for Michael Bublé

geez, it's been a while since my last googling
about my beloved crooner, Michael Bublé Image Hosted by

the latest news I know about him is
he launched his amazing Christmas album on 24th Oct.

GOD!!!! I crave it soooo bad Image Hosted by

I love Bublé more and more until I started thinking about
buying any kind of merchandise they sell in his official website...

this sweater looks good if you don't ask the price

even just for expressing how much desire I have of him,
I still need a lot of bucks... Image Hosted by

I'm melting more about his voice when I listened to this song Image Hosted by

Michael Bublé...
there's nothing more I can talk, he's just to good to be true... *speechless*