Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Talk!/2011/12/assumption.html

I like they blog.
the funny thing is they talk about the same topic
at the same day.
somehow I felt regret didn't post any thing about
my 2011's Christmas Day..
I wonder if I did, it would be nice to read
3 posts talking about the same topic
at the same day
with different story.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Zooey Deschanel-minded

lately, Zooey gains a bright spot in public for her new TV series, New Girl.

her quirky character as Jess successfully makes me love this series~

everything else you want to know, just click here :D

well, though Jess character really nice, I gave 6.5 out of 10 rating
for the series because the other character and the dialogues among them
is not as good as I expected :P

and, here's another new movie of Zooey I'd like to share.

Zooey acts as a lesbian. interesting! hahahahaha

this movie makes me thinking
"yes, there must be someone in some families who is similar with the idiot brother"
and absolutely this thought makes me grateful about
having such a smart brother like mine. LOL.

overall rating for this movie, uhmm.. 7 out of 10,
for its blandness and brings no inspiration.

as usual, after watching any Zooey's videos (movies, series, ads, clips, etc.)
I always google her, anything about her.
from her latest news, latest song, latest clips
(she's a singer, fyi, click here to know more about her band),
ANYTHING about her! hahahhahhahahaha.
I do love Zooey :3
she's just unique and interesting.

this is one of her photos which I saved in my computer.

rarely see her in straight black hair

I saw lots of her photos in google
and suddenly it pops out my mind,
"why don't I try to make some looks
based on her cute-nice-simple style?"
and here are some mix and match stuffs I've done in Looklet ;p
humbly I'd say sorry if these don't present any Zooey look.
I'm not a pro in fashion styling and rarely use Looklet.
please understand, hahahhahahaha.