Sunday, 22 January 2012

Will Be The Last

wew, I never thought 21st January
will be such an exhausting day like this.
firstly I have to attend that one-hour-late-powwow,
which quite upset me because of the presence of that Pgirl.
I don't like the way she talks. not worth to be heard.
secondly I have to meet my besties
at my ex-high-school's annual gig.
it sounds enjoyable but somehow now I feel worn-out..
I wonder this could happen either because of my lack of sleep
few days recently or my age.
phew, I'm getting 1 year older next month by the way.

the ticket. like the design.

like you see in the ticket,
there are some good performers during the gig.
but sadly, I can't watch Naif's perfomance
since I have to go home before 11.30PM :'(
I've attended two gigs which offer Naif as their closing band,
and neither of them allowed me to watch Naif's performance
just right before I went home..

and now, cause I've already said to myself
not to attend any high school gig anymore,
well then I can say I will never see any Naif's performance.
maybe someday, if I attend any concert or event
which Naif become one of the performers.

why are you gonna stop attending high school music performance, Stell?

I was thinking during performance of Tangga.
I found out that there's no meaning,
nothing is worth enough to make me spend another time
just for watching art performance
that I don't really interesting in.
yeah, I can't deny I enjoyed the event
and meeting my high school friends.
but still, I think it's funny if I said
"I went to the gig just for meeting my friends".

suddenly it came to my sense,
meeting friends in such an event won't serve adequate
quality time enough to talk and getting know each other.
I realized I spent very little time to talk with my friends
during the event cause we were distracted by the loud sound,
the hullabaloo, and the performers.
we kept quite throughout the event and talking only to
express our opinion about the performers.
I think this is not the right thing to do.
we have to find some time to spend together,
just to chit-chat, re-new our information about each other,
and laughing together just like we used to do
in class when we were still using those grey A-line skirt.

photos from Lynn's camera will be uploaded soon.