Saturday, 26 May 2012

Clara, new kid on the block.

this is Clara aka Lala, cousin of Kendy,
one of the kids from rumah singgah Padua.

I met her accidentally when waiting my dad to fetch me to home.
I stood near one of another shabby house near rumah singgah
(sorry for the word, I don't mean to be rude).
Suddely, Lala said "kak, kak" repeatedly, in such super-cute way.
At first I stood there together with my friends,
gathered in front of Kendy's home
because of evaluation distraction we had.

Done with the evaluation,
all of my friends went home using TransJakarta.
Alone, I did nothing but watching Lala,
she was some steps away from where I stood.
Again she said "kak, kak" with genuine smile on her face.
I can't stand to keep undifference,
so I decided to talk to her.

And that's the moment when I got in trouble.