Friday, 20 July 2012

This Is Not a Tale

found this postcard image from one of my lecturers blog.
and that feeling raging on my mind.
feeling of warm, cheerful, happy moment in the past.

Jatujak Weekend Market has been our family
favourite place to go for holiday.
we have gone there six times and never enough.
it has its own charm which really attracts us to come and come again.
I love the ambience, my mom loves the goods sold,
my brother loves the beverages, my dad loves what we love.

it's been five years passing, since our last trip to JJ Mart.
well, I can't figure out what will I do when I have the chance
to go to JJ Mart once again.
it must be super great and delightful.
I want to go to JJ Mart so bad.

five years passed, so many things happened.
perhaps, that's why I'm longing to go to JJ Mart.
I miss the happy, blissful, perfect moment
of going to JJ Mart with my family :')