Tuesday, 10 July 2012

JSA XVI 2012 Buper Ragunan

such an unforgettable experience,
two days one night with 43 "angels in disguise",
we do lots of fun activities together!
I really really enjoy that moment
and wish to have it once again :')

well, JSA = Jambore Sahabat Anak.
I won't share about JSA long-winded here,
more info about the event, visit Sahabat Anak website.
(news coverage from MetroTV, check it here)

I attended JSA, 7-8 July 2012.
there were about 1000 street children + 700 adults (as comittee
and children companion).
at first I thought it will be like other social project
I've ever attended.
but I found it wrong. TOTALLY WRONG.

I don't know, but JSA was really different.
it is so different that I can't even forget
about every enjoyable moment I passed through the days.
I've never felt this happy before, after I joined
any social project alike.
but now, two days passed already and I still feel the enjoyment
and so grateful because I've got the opportunity to spent a night
with 43 children from IPPA (Ikatan Peduli Pendidikan Anak)
Rawamalang, Cilincing.

the very first thing that really suprised me was
when I greeted some of the girls,
they enthusiastically said, "hi Kak Stella".
they were not only said hi back to me, but also got themselves
closer to me, looked so interested in me.
this warm greetings never happened before
throughout my experiences being children companion :')

here, take a peek to the manual book of JSA. hho

I wish some day I can join JSA again
and have the same unforgettable moments
like I have had.

and here is some snapshots taken during the activities ;)