Sunday, 11 August 2013


I found this "pin" while I'm Pinterest-ing
in my holiday time :)
it's something to be grateful
for having a leisure time like this.
what I do all day is only
surfing on the internet,
having fun all by myself.
thank God.

my holiday seems not as fun
as it should be.
it's so hard for me to find
a peaceful day in which my mom
doesn't get mad at me.

since I have spent so little time
with my family, uhm, perhaps
about two years lately.
well, blame the organization's stuffs
that occupied most of my time. hahahaha

I believe that's the main reason
why my mom complains a lot during
my presence at home.
truly speaking,

1. tidy up your messy room!
2. put your clothes properly!
3. dry these, clean up those, bla bla
4. why don't you do something meaningful?!
5. why are you so lazy?!
and many more...

somehow I think it's her way to show
how she missed me during all these months,
I never be at home for more than 12 hours.
and if I was at home more than 12 hours,
I must have something to do which made
me spent all day in my room, in front
of my computer doing my businesses.

I don't know what to do
in order to make my mom feels better.
instead of doing what she shouted at me,
I keep doing nothing on my lovely bed,
try to sleep all the day. hahahaha
yeah, I am a jerk when it comes
about holiday activity.
I can be so lazy until it feels like
I will die because of my laziness...

and suddenly, in the middle of my pinning activity,
it comes to me something
that makes me really want to answer
questions from the image above.
I think it's because I missed my childhood,
my period of life which I spent
so much time with my family, esp. my mom.

my mom had never asked me about
those kind of questions.
I am answering the questions
while wondering what does it feel
if my mom asked me those questions
when I was a kid *giggle*

who do you look forward to
seeing the most at school each day?

no one. I just like being at school and
doing silly things, laughing together
with friends.

what's the worst thing
about being in ... grade?

worst thing about being in 6th grade
is a boy who liked me so much till I got scared
of him. ugh.

if you could pack your own lunch,
what would you pack?

junk food, like sausages, fries, noodles,
just like the other kids always have for their

who is someone at school who needs a friend?
I don't really sure, since maybe I'm
one of those mean kids, laughing at
my lonely friend.

what's your favorite part of the school day?
when me and my friend made jokes about
other kids, parents, or teachers. LOL.

who did you sit at lunch today?
at that time I usually ate my lunch with friends.
some of them also brought their mommy's-made-lunch.

what's the best thing about being in ... grade?
the best thing in 6th grade is when
me and my peer danced in Papua style
for our dancing class last-term test.
it was fun, the dancing teacher said
we were dancing well :)

what are you learning now in ... class?
my mom has never asked me this.
she believes I learned something in class,
up till now. hahahaha

who is the friendliest person in your class?
uhm, I forgot her name...
yeah, she is the friendliest one.

what does your teacher do really well?
doing porn things to some of
my well-developed friend.
he enjoyed groping my friend's uniforms pocket,
which we all know where the pocket is located.

what food do you like the most at lunch?
I was really happy when mom made me
a fried fish fillet with broccoli veggies for my lunch.
uhm, I also enjoy the meatballs which were sold
at school.

who did you hang out with the most today?
I think there were Florence, Nicky, Chris,
Kevin, Michael, Regina, and others who I don't
really remember now.
OH! Yosua, Adjie, and Evan!
those three funny boys who always make laugh
each other using their parents' thingy.

gosh, I've been so bad when I was a kid.
but I really miss those days :')