Thursday, 8 August 2013

Recently Watched K-Drama

That Winter The Wind Blows
it's a drama which shows that most people
live this life with their past memories and experience.
this drama starring Song Hye Gyo,
my favorite Korean actress,
and Zo In Sung, the lead actor who acted exaggeratedly
in this drama.

I've watched the story before in a movie,
entitled Love Me Not.
they both have the same story line,
telling about a con man who lives in a messy life
and a rich blind woman who lives a lonely life.
they met and got to know each other,
falling in love, and the endings are different
between the movie or the drama.

I prefer the movie since it has a sad ending.
also I don't really like Zo In Sung acting in
the drama though Song Hye Gyo looks so
pretty in the drama.
this story itself originally made for a Japanese movie.
I'm not interested on watching the original one,
so I watched the Korean version :)

Love Me Not
the story makes me more believe
that human behavior was determined
and shaped by their past.
the story writer must be a Freudian. hahaha

Speedy Scandal
I watched this movie today.
it's a movie about a man whose job
as a radio announcer.
his program is about sharing session,
someone calling and he will respond emphatically.

his life changing because her daughter,
who he doesn't barely know,
shared her seeking-father-story.
later, he met not only his daughter
but also his grandson that makes him
a grandfather instantly. hahaha.

nothing special from this movie.
it has a dull way to show parent-children
relationship dynamic, esp. for they
who haven't met since a long time.
the presence of this cute little boy
added some comedy into the movie.

Wang Suk Hyun
I watched Speedy Scandal because
of the actor, Cha Tae Hyun.
he's not cool or handsome like other
Korean actors.
I noticed him from a touchy-heartmelting
movie I've watched before,
Hello Ghost.

Cha Tae Hyun makes the movie so funny yet dramatic.
I guess Tae Hyun is really good at drama comedy film.
I'm going to watch another Tae Hyun's movie,
it's titled The Miracle of Giving a Fool.

Cha Tae Hyun + Ha Ji Won? gosh, I HAVE to watch this!