Monday, 30 September 2013

Never Before

those are for Stella! STELLA! :')
21 years living in this world of adults,
I've never received any kind of invitation
which is really addressed for me.
I always be a daughter of my parents,
and it's common to receive every single thing
coming to my home with my parents' name on it.

once I ever asked to my dad,
"why there isn't any phone call for me?
why is it always for you?"
and he just answered it calmly,
"one day you'll regret what you wish..."
and he is right,
there were days when I really hate to be called.

and recently I saw a wedding invitation for my brother.
I also asked the same question,
"when will I get mine?"
this month is the moment, I got invitations.
invitations with my name written on the covers.

the first one is a wedding invitation from my friend.
her brother is getting married next week.
(and so unfortunately I'm going not to be in Jakarta
at that time, thus positively I won't come to my very
first wedding invitation... I feel really sad)

the later one is a concert invitation.
the concert was held by my religions organization
in my university. I was invited as one of the org. committees.
here it is the publication poster and trailer of the event.

from left to right:
Nikita Rowaldski, Alina Chernikova, and Rolan Zukov

the plot is quite simple, about three persons
living their own problems and they met each other
because of a pendant (which is believed to have charm).

the setting was Russia in 90's.
in my opinion, besides the script,
all of the casts and crews who have supported this event,

they danced, they sang,
they played the music instruments extraordinarily great.
I wish next year I could attend the concert again.
it's too good to be missed, anyway.

by the way, go back to my main topic
about the invitations,
the more I reflect this experience
(getting invitation with my name on the cover)
the more I realize that I'm officially entering
the world of adults.

geez, I'm getting older...