Sunday, 13 April 2014

In The Middle of Super-Procrastination-Power

so, the thing is my laptop was broken.
as we all know that a laptop monitor
and the laptop keyboard is connected by two hinges,
one on the left side of the monitor
and the other one on the right side of the monitor.

and the left hinge of my laptop was broken.
it was not that serious, on the beginning it was only a crack.
until one day I have to spend about 1 minute
everytime I want to open my laptop monitor.
it was sucks.

so I decided to bring this stuff to its hospital.
one month passed, welcome home dear...

after a month using my brother laptop
here it is my old sweetheart,
coming back home, lovely~

after some hours I've spent with my feel-like-new laptop,

I'm losing my compparel that was bought by my brother.
it was a statement mini compparel,
the statement is
"inside all of us is a wild things..."
cropped from here

it's not about the missing of the compparel that makes me sad,
but the fact that it was from my brother :'(
I really care about stuffs that my brother gave.

and I hate when I'm losing my stuff...
RAGH :((

PS: I supposed to finish my second chapter
of my undergrad theses, but I end up writing here. LOL