Sunday, 11 January 2015

How Do You Do, 2015

picture was found accidentally from here
with all of its tremendous, fantastic, unforgettable moments,
I have passed 2014 gratefully.
the thing is, today, in 2015, I found some things
in myself which have been obstacles
for some moments in my life through the whole last year.

for example,
I rarely count my money, whether when I was a kid
or even now, when I am going 23 y.o.
my parents are taking very good care of me.
they provide me a good driver with a convenient car
so I could go anywhere everyday easily.
my mother has never skipped a day preparing my lunchbox.

now, after spending 20 years living in this mean world,
I just realized that I was awesomely blessed.
I live in the condition where there wasn't any necessity for me
to do the calculation about any daily cost like transportation or meals.

but they were all happened then.
I am now grown-up and I have to face this wicked world by myself.
my parents still taking good care of me
but I don't want to be that failure-to-launch-type adults
though I am still living with my parents today.
(it's not common in Asia for children living separated from
their parents without any reasonable cause)

to make myself more adaptive in this grown-up world
while I am keeping the wolf from the door,
I am intended to change my bad habits. the simplest one is:
counting money thoroughly.

I have a bad sense of money,
some people already told me that.
tipping for a taxi driver which cost you IDR 10k
is not proper, due to my friends comments.
tipping a porter IDR 5k/luggage, is also not proper.
it took me some months to really get that
there is something wrong with my sense of money.

I spent hours googling today
to find the best free personal finance Android's apps.
I think this one suits me best.

Hello Expense
I read the recommendation here
there is nothing I am waiting for
to try this new apps in order to be a better me in 2015.
happy (belated) new year!

ps: I found this beautiful website, written by a generous woman, Kalyn.
yeah, I am ready to be a budget-wise girl B)

thanks for the guide, Kalyn!