Saturday, 14 February 2015

V-Day Edition

thanks for the article
I looked at the bold phrase and I can't think
any other explanation about the reason
why I am single. not to mention happy, too.

yes, I realize being in love is a curse,
just like one of Sondre Lerche's song,
Curse of Being In Love.
I am too much care about my own self,
I am afraid I will hurt myself bad.

"embrace the curse so it doesn't get worse"
that's the advice from Sondre.
it sounds right and seems doable.
unfortunately, I am in the middle of knowing
myself more and more.
this goal is taking so much my time and energy
I couldn't spare it with anyone besides me.
my mind is always busy thinking about other things
besides relationships.

I believe there is a period of time in everyone's life
which make them know their selves more.
maybe this is my time, after all these years
I was kept busy by other stuffs,
I guess this year is going to be my self-exploration year.

two days after I read the site I mentioned before,
I found the other one but this time about
those over-thinking humans :')
and I guess I am one of that kind of human.

I guess, I am not odd, I am just an over-thinker.
and I think a lot about happy being single.

maybe, someday, if there is an attractive-deep guy somewhere,
I would like to give it a try, starting my own romantic relationship.
maybe. one day...