Saturday, 21 March 2015

Man and His Shadow

at first I thought this video was cute and funny.
it shows how scared a toddler with his shadow
which following him anywhere he goes.
there are some other videos about baby screaming
when they see their shadows.

as I saw the video more and more,
I found something intriguing.
like those kids who fear with their own shadows,
I, as an adult, also have some fear with my own shadows.

the mandala originally illustrated here

shadow is one of four Carl Jung (1875-1961),
a prominent human personality theorist, main archetypes.
every archetype has its characteristics.
the characters of shadow are

  1. dark side of the ego, which is amoral and concerns survival and reproduction.
  2. represents all those parts that the psyche won't admit to.
  3. this darker side comes from the unconscious self.
  4. consists of repressed memories, ideas, emotions, weaknesses, desires, and instincts.
  5. derives from animal past of a human.

referring to the video above,
it showed that the kids confuse, don't familiar
and don't understand with his shadow at first.
this could happen, probably, because the kid
doesn't know what is that dark figure
which following him everywhere.

picture borrowed from here

the kid knew it is called shadow
and the shadow was his, right after his mom
explains more to him about it.
it could happen, before his mom told him,
the kid doesn't care or even notice his shadow.

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well, I guess, that is the same thing to what has happened to me.
I will never know about my darkness if I was not told
about human psyche functions by those theorists.
thank God I took psychology major,
so it is not that "berobat jalan" (outpatient) stuff which I got,
but how to recognize and know my own shadow.

it is not by recognizing or knowing the shadow, I got nothing.
I believe someday I will gain something worth by trying
to know and deal with my shadow.
it is scary, such a long, disturbing, and confusing process,
but I dare myself to try and now I'm still on the process.

Jung said something about what is going to be happened
for those who is trying to figure out his own shadow.

picture borrowed from here
picture borrowed from here
and the most important things are

picture borrowed from here

taken from here

yes, I want to own myself whole fully,
even though I have to deal with the shadow
which is not a pleasant thing to do.

referring back to the video, I noticed that
some times the kid reaching his hand out to his mom,
which he believes will be able to save him from his shadow.
his mom only once took his hand and then kept busy
shooting himself being afraid of his shadow.

perhaps that is what happened in this real, wicked life.
while a person in difficulty to deal with his own shadow,
maybe his significant others like families, friends, lovers
could help him, but only for some times
not every time he asks for any help other than himself.
in the end, it is only the kid himself who able to help his own self,
either dealing with his shadow or running here-and-there
avoiding the shadow which follows him everywhere.

by the way, I found this catchy song.
maybe I could use this to teach kids knowing their shadows.