Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Kartini Day 2015

Kartini Day google doodle (2009)
in Indonesia, it's not only Mother's Day
that is intentionally celebrated to acknowledge womanhood.
there is also Kartini Day, a day to commemorate Raden Ajeng Kartini
as a national pioneer of gender equality.

some children celebrate the day with dress up in traditional clothes
and joining Kartini Day competition at school.
most people will talk about femininity,
posting things about Kartini,
and share all those stuffs about women.

just like one of my friend in Facebook.
she shared this video in her page and tagged some her friends
while saying happy Kartini Day.
I watched it and now I wonder,
"at this age, will I have the same bond with my mom?"
"at this age, would I be able to recognize who is my mom
with my eyes closed?"

well, even though Kartini Day never means a lot to me,
I'd like to say thanks to you, dear Kartini, for what you've done in the past
so I could have my bachelor degree today :)