Monday, 6 July 2015

Self-Talk Intro

thanks for the image, tumblr!
I am an over-thinker, so when it comes to simple things
even just labeling blog posts, I think about it much.
I pick words carefully because I hope my blog posts
will be classified beautifully only on few labels.
I don't like blogs with so many labels, like most Instagram users
who happen to overuse the hashtags.

after some years, I am able to make only six labels
for my more than 100 blog posts.
I am pretty pleased with this fact
until one day when I wanted to re-read my old posts
and it is difficult for me to find the post I was looking for
because all of my six labels consist of too many posts.

today will be the day when I stopped my silly belief which is
the lesser labels, the better. IT IS WRONG.
I am still going to keep those six big labels, but I think I have
to create some smaller labels to make my blog posts more organize.

my self-talk today is about procrastination,
the ugliest habit I ever have.

When you could read and write about a lot of interesting stuffs, why do you spend your precious time only for pretending to be an imaginary town major???
yes, after I realizing it, now I know where does most of my time
during these 3 months go to...
I am so engage at playing Township. oh my...