Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thanks to You, Mariana

picture taken here
there was one day when my friend, Mariana,
revived my old teenage dream job with saying
(I don't remember the exact phrase)
"Stell, dulu lw kan mau jadi penyiar?"
"Stell, you had a dream to be an announcer, didn't you?"

it maybe just a trivial talk for her,
but I think about what she talked more and more.
I was so occupied with my college life,
I forgot all my dreams I was once had.

I believe there is nothing happened by chance.
I don't remember when is the day but some days
after Mariana's words filled up my mind,
my mom told me that Komsos KAJ was looking for
a volunteer announcer for their online radio program.

I attended the assessment process on 6th June
and this afternoon I received the formal announcement.
I am a bit don't believe I was accepted,
I think I don't have those criteria they mentioned on the mail below.
The committee has just tried their best to be polite, I guess.

sorry for the poor quality of the image.
I am excited to be there, on our very first meeting.
I hope this will be a new (good) way for me
to make myself nearer with Him and also develop myself more.

thanks to you Mariana. you are always the best!