Sunday, 9 August 2015

Dear My Intuitive Friend

thanks for making me feel being understood :')

I was on the way back home from Bandung today,
when my friend called me.
I usually sleep and turning off my phone when I was
on the way of a long trip (any trip which is took more than 2 hours).

as I arrived at home, I called him back.
and this funny and sentimental conversation happened.

"Halo? Lw tadi telepon gw? Ada apa sayang?"
"Aduh gw lemes denger lw ngomong kayak gitu, ilang nih apa yang mau gw omongin *ngakak*" 
*ngakak* "Hahahaha, ada apa lw telepon?"
"(menyampaikan urusan yang mau dibahas)... Eh Stell lw kenapa deh?"

I said to him I am okay. I said I was just being so sentimental
about things that just happened to me lately,
related to my grandparents visit to Jakarta.
then I asked him, why he asked whether I am okay or not
and he said it sounded there is something happened with my emotion.
he said I was brokenhearted. hahahahaha.

well, I just like the intuition of this friend of mine.
he just know without I have to say something.
thanks for your concern, my dear friend,
but you are so silly yet untrustable
I will keep my deepest thought to myself. right now.