Wednesday, 12 August 2015

No Other Brother

I know there will be always a person
that would console me anytime I am down

I was in a very good mood yesterday.
it happened only before I met my friend, joined the discussion about
the measurement of job satisfaction.
the discussion was really such a mess. a mood disaster, for sure.
I was so frustrated, I feel myself totally dumb.
I can't make any good item for the measurement,
I don't give any contribution to the discussion,
I felt like a waste and so sorry for my friend.

then I asked my brother if he could pick me up.
I was crying as I saw him, I really need his console.
I hugged him and he rubbed my shoulder and my back.
I cry harder, I felt pity about myself being dumb and maudlin.
he laughed as I cried and then offered to treat me desserts.
he tried his best to make his sentimental sister felt better,
but I was broken I don't even have an appetite to eat desserts,
the food I like the most.

I can't say a word, I am sorry and glad for having you as my brother.
I won't hope for you to feel the same way for having me,
since I am just a hare-brained stubborn annoying sister.

thank you universe.
please keep him safe and blessed anywhere, anytime he go.

thank you parents