Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Tomato and The French Fries

I am such an ignorant person.
I rarely give a damn about me having conflicts
with some typical persons.
I tend to keep the conflict resolved asap and keep the distance with the person.
I thought it would such a waste of time and energy
for me trying to deal with a person not worth to be with.

few days lately I found it hard for me to get sleep immediately.
I believe there is something happened to me and I am still figuring out
what happened to me these recent days.
I wonder if there is a kind of conflict with anyone that makes feel uneasy
every night, everytime I am going to sleep.

I value everykind of relation with my friends and acquaintances.
this is an issue for me, therefore I put some effort to make some relations
deeper and have quality.
just like the one I face today, I think I need to make it work.
I am googling, trying to get some knowledge
to understand the nature of the other person
I am dealing with right now.

we might have different way of thinking.
I try to understand.
we might have some dissimilarities shared values.
I try to understand.
we might posses unreasonable unique habits.
I try to understand.
we might have our own fears.
I try to understand.

because it always the value of the relationship,
something that is so meaningful for me.
I won't give up to understand you.

this cute picture of romantic relationship between
tomato and french fries, somehow,
conclude all the things I said above about how I am going to understand
people around me :')

thanks for this lovely ilustration, frenchfries blog :D

3/8, 1:48 AM

I found these moving stuffs, written by one of the those people
I consider it as we-are-having-valuable-relationship.

I also found this well-written romantic experience in one of my acquaintances blog.
these two posts makes me feel more clever in terms of emotional management intelligent.