Thursday, 20 August 2015

You Turned Me Inside Out

I can't be eager more to watch this movie
and thank God you are okay to accompany me!
thanks to you.

I don't really enjoy watching movies at a cinema.
first, the sound was so loud sometimes it hurts my ears.
second, I can't watch the movie over and over again,
as it played, I can neither rewind nor pause it.
third, I tend to feel the velvet chair is dirty because everyone
sits there and lean back.
four, I have to be bothered to seek a movie-watching-companion because
I like to talk about interesting scene from the movie I am watching.
five, I don't see any benefit for me from watching movie at a cinema.
well, in conclusion, going to cinema is not my thingy.

besides I am not that type of movie-goers,
I also don't give a damn to the latest movie on screen.
moreover, if I have an interesting movie that I really want to watch to
I'd prefer to watch it later, maybe a week or two weeks after it's premiere.
I do that just because I hate queuing for getting ticket.

but yesterday was so different.
I feel happy there is a cinema, because it makes me able to watch Inside Out
with you, object of my affection.
it was happened so fast yesterday morning.
we texted as usual and I was triggered to ask you accompany me
watching this movie I really want to watch!
just by reading the synopsis and I know I would like the movie instantly.
and the best thing is, you just say yes. THANK YOU!

you said I supposed to be the one who take the tickets stubs.
well, okay then. I took a photo of them and put them on my agenda.
thanks for the mementos.
the idea we are going to watch the movie together makes my day brighter.
I was so enthusiast to meet you, besides the fact that the day before yesterday
you have been through a difficult day (which turns out it was just a prank. hahahaha).
by the way, one scary thing I discovered yesterday:
I spent money carelessly when I am happy. oh gosh, this is horrible.
I bought a bowl of dessert without asking about the portion choices available.
although in the end I was managed to finish up the large portion of the dessert,
I know that mindless behavior was not me. I am not that type of person.
well, again, I learn something about myself because of our interaction.

yesterday you talked a lot about your job while I don't know what to say to you.
I realize it always happens to me. I don't talk much in our meeting.
I think my brain is going numb as I am with you, physically.
your effort to share your work experience somehow makes me think
that is your way to kill the awkward moment as I am quieter when we are together.
actually there are so many things I'd like to talk to you,
but I don't know where and how to start without sounding like a nagging person.
I know you are such a considerate person, well I guess this is just my issue.

the funny thing is my heart feels so calm when you are around.
it beats normally, yeah sometimes it beats heavily, but never as crazy as
that moment when I read your unpredictable texts.
you on the text tend to play with my heart excessively rather than
you on a face-to-face meeting. the way you said
all those what -if statements.
can't wait to see you.
could burn my chest badly.
my heart could beat so hard I am afraid it would explode.
I think it is me being unable to manage myself.
I am too excited with yourself.
well, I supposed I am in the process of learning
how to train my illogical heart so it could behave in cooler way.

you said how my heart works is the effect of me admiring you.
on the other hand, (by reading this) you said I am in love
with the "you", subject of my writing.
okay, you have fed my overthink-mind.
are you my real Joy or are just my imaginary Bing Bong?
who are you on myself?
now, I am totally scared of human brain and human heart.
human, oh, human, be simpler please.