Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Your Fan Service

thanks for the illustration, Boum Badaboum
today supposed to be not a perfect day.
I woke up dizzily, I got sore throat, I lost my voice.
those things supposed to be the best things to ruin my day,
but, unexpectedly, I am very okay with those shits.
I told you I lost my voice and
I laughed with the way you commented on my misfortune.
yeah, I have to learn to reduce my tendency to talk with everyone I met.

I was looking forward to this day
because today is the day when I got the book
that was supposed to be your present.
I thought I am going to meet you just to give the book
but you, as full of surprise as always,
told me there is an action movie, The Man from U.N.C.L.E,
released today. so I said let's watch it, happily.

you doubted I have any interest in action movie.
yup, honestly, action is really not my genre.
I even can't recall any action movie I have ever watched.
nevertheless, I am eager to give it a try to watch
any action movie with you!
for sure, I am so excited to try.

besides analyzing myself,
I have another hobby which is self-experiment.
I'd like to know what will I do
if I am in a situation that is uncommonly happened to me.
such as watching action movie at a cinema,
well, I won't do it if that's not you, who ask me to join.

few days ago I have already watched a movie that I like
with a person that I like. it supposed to be double positives,
but not as what I expected to be happened,
the movie is good but I don't emotionally involved with it.
this is something rarely happened, esp. when I watched Disney's.

now I am going to test another hypothesis,
what if I watch a movie that I don't like with a person that I like.
the outcome is supposed to be neutral because the negative
meets the positive. well, learning from the past experience
with Disney's Inside Out, I don't think the outcome
could be easily predicted like that.
I really want to know what is going to be happened.
let us watch action movie!!!

no, I am not doing any guesstimate.
this testing won't cause any harmful impact.
picture from here
thing turns out not as what I thought,
well, yeah, it is you, the unpredictable.
you told me you got wrong schedule so you asked me
what if we just find something to eat.
at that time I don't think about anything.
I just feel okay, really okay with whatever that was going on,
since my intention to meet you is to give your "real" present.
somehow, I could feel you have a slight guilty because
of the movie watching cancellation that you made.

I have told you this truth by text and I mean it.
I ever wondered what would it be
if we spend some hours together,
just chit-chatting and doing nothing.
luckily, it just happened! yeay!
thanks a lot to you for being a "bad-planner" today.
our two hours of doing nothing was not
that awkward as I thought would be
even though what I wanted to do together
was the thing you are not into
and what you wanted to do sounded easy I was not interested.
this fact makes me smile and feels silly.

by the way, I can't wait to challenge you
with the nano block competition.
let us see who is worse at assembling stuffs. hahahaha.
the deal is you have to pick any nano block model for me
and I also do the same. each of us will take it as a gift afterwards.
I am thinking about the punishment for whoever sucker.
or should we do this without any punishment?
how about reward for the less sucker? hahahaha.

as an idol, I think you have such a good fan service.
I do really appreciate the way you touch my forehead,
while saying something that is related with little star.
the way you pulled the hood of my jacket,
while trying to guess why I tried to go home.
the way you ticked my head softly,
to remind me about respect towards mother.
the way you grasp my left hand
when you talked about The Legend of Condor Heroes books.
(yeah, my comment was so dumb at that time
but it makes you grab my hand, yeay!)
and the best thing is when you put your hand on my shoulder
as you walked me to the nearest TransJakarta station.

I was nervous at that time, for sure.
my heart like trying its best to skip a beat
and my mind crazily makes my mouth talking about
how a person we both know, trying to read people's mind
with touching their shoulder.
somehow I relieved you ended your touch by the time
I started talking about  that person.
however now I think I was stupid for stopping you holding me.

anyway, I really appreciate your tenderness.
I got homework from our today interaction
that is: to love mom and be more obedient to her as well.
thanks to you for making my day so perfect.

what if  my heart turned out to be bottomless?
the cute picture taken from here