Sunday, 16 August 2015

Your Flu Birthday

I am intentionally left the wrapping paper blank.
it shows what is on my mind when
you said something to me unexpectedly.

honestly, I am really looking forward to meeting you today.
it is not only because I am eager to attend the English mass,
but also because I know today is your 25th birthday *yeay!*
but since you are sick, I have to deal a little longer
with my longing-for-you feeling.
it is an okay with me, because I do enjoy this process of learning.
I supposed to get an A for learning diligently. hahaha.

I know today is your birthday,
I just don't say a thing about it from this morning because
I am going to pretend I don't know today is your born day.
it will be more surprising if I don't say anything and just give you a present.
unfortunately I can't do it because you are sick and
we are not going to meet today.

I have a present for you which I wrapped happily.
for heaven's sake, wrapping a gift is an unpleasant activity for me.
surprisingly, I managed to wrap it, presentable enough,
and I was pleased when I wrapped the gift.
I can't wait to hear your opinion about the present.

well, if I were you, I might feel irritated for having flu on my birthday.
for me, birthday is always a day which happens to be happier than
the other ordinary day. the flu will ruin the happiness, I guess...
I hope you don't have the same unreasonable irritability as mine,
just enjoy your silver birthday and get well real soon :)

by the way, I am glad you postponed our plan.
it shows you have a consideration about your own health.
that is the most important thing right now.

dear flu viruses,
please be good to my dear one.

20/8/15. 6:52 AM

I gave you the present yesterday. I saw you were smiling
even though, as I predicted, you said you already have the book.
I laughed, it was too predicted.
because actually I was intended to give you the autobiography of Coelho,
your favorite author of all time.
but I didn't believe my first intuition and I decided to take the
Albom's Call From Heaven as your present.

I promised to exchange the book, this is not a big deal.
but the way you react at that time, was totally lovely.
first of all you said thank you and mentioned the wrapping paper.
and then you said how you were not into ribbon and gave me an advice
for not using any ribbon when it is related to a present that is intended for you.
you asked my permission for not keeping the ribbon.
I laughed hard, because I was not going to ask you
to keep the ribbon since it only has a decorative function.
anyway, I am the one who like ribbon and always want to be able to tie one
for my dear. I am so glad you are okay to be my object of affection,
it makes me feel I can tie you more ribbon-decorated-presents. hahahaha, just kidding.
next time, no ribbon.
(like I am going to give you another present? hahahaha, you are so confident)

I remember your very fast response when you saw the gift.
you told me you didn't have it yet.
luckily, I didn't believe you.
oh my, you really try your best not to hurt my feeling, dear.
it is okay to say you had it already,
since I value honesty more than anything in this world.

oh! and when I asked you about the idea of either exchanging the book
or you just want to keep the book although you already have it,
somehow I know you would consider the effort I am going to do if
you choose the first option.
I would make a respond like you if I were you at that time.
this makes me more and more and more and more like you, dear.
we can be so similar yet so different.

I'll give you the Coelho autobiography asap.
can't wait to see you again!

26/8/15. 10:38 PM

whoaaa! I have never imagined how happy you are to receive
your "real" present. geez, I am blissful to see how happy you are.
I can't be more joyful when you showed me that you posted
the present on your Path account, as soon as you received it.
the caption (which I forgot the exact words) is
She knows *blablabla don't really remember* 

the cutest thing is that moment when you showed me
your manager left a comment which said
"do you know her *blablabla, again I don't really remember* ".

I smile so wide as I recalling this moment.
you just did it so casual I envy you.
well, please tell your manager that your fans
is a no-demand-supplier who won't bother stuff like
"do you know something about her in return?".
that's not how my affection works, Sir.

I am really glad my present is good for you.
hope you got something else, besides my affection, from it.
enjoy reading, dear!