Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Bohm Family, Your First Choice

I used to join film festival with my college friends
or with my brother, but since they are so busy lately,
I think it will be fun to try watching any film on the event with you.
I asked you to accompany me attending German Cinema,
and lucky me, you accepted.
well, I tried to avoid documentary genre but you chose it.
there we go, watching Bohm Family.

great cinematography, touchy story line, I like it!
Die Bohms or Concrete Love
it was a NICE documentary film. I watch Eagle's Documentary Awards movie
on Metro TV but I've never watched such a good documentary movie like this.
you are good at choosing! hahahaha, thanks for your choice.
(yeah, you told me to watch foreign documentary films)

I won't write any review about the movie
because I have a more urgent issue here.
as we were waiting for the Goethe's auditorium to be opened
we talked a lot, I was so happy talking with you that much! hahahaha.
there were so many interesting topics we discussed, such as

1. what is the difference between a clear status relationships and a blurry one.
"ketika ada status, usaha untuk mempertahankan pun semakin besar"

2. what do you think about my living diary.
"bawel, dewasa, perhatian, sedikit kekanakan"

3. are you describing my diary or me.
"your diary, who is similar to you"

4. I am going to make you meet my living diary.
"wah gw harus siap-siap diberondong pertanyaan nih".

5. how do you know my living diary is similar to me.
"get along together, highly similarities".

6. what is trust, actually. why do some people could trust other easily.
"ibaratnya lu kasih kertas ke orang lain, siap enggak lu ketika
kertas itu balik ke lu dalam keadaan lecek?"

7. oh! I really hate wrinkled paper. please take it for you, don't ever return
it back to me if the paper happened to be wrinkled.
"ya lu kan enggak tahu kenapa tu kertas bisa lecek.
bisa aja pas lu kasih kertasnya tu orang lagi enggak bawa map
terus dia naik kereta, desek-desekan, dan lecek kertasnya"

8. wow, they are already queuing. there is still 15 mins left.
"I enjoy waiting".
whaaat. why.
"karena ketika menunggu, lu bisa memikirkan banyak hal".

I wish we could always talk like this.
it is quite fun and entertaining.