Monday, 28 September 2015

Goodness in Sadness

good article from psychology today: the benefit of sadness

I am in the middle of my sadness.
I am sad because I can't help you.
I am sad because I think I cause you in trouble.
I am sad because I feel I am not understanding enough.

I try my best to cope with my sadness.
I ask you whether there is something I can help
and you said it's better for me to stay quiet.
I believe you know this will torture me so bad,
but I do it anyway, because I want to make you feel better.
though I am not so sure my silent can fix anything.
I decided to trust you.

I was writing for a script for my online radio activity which I'm volunteered in,
when I found that helpful article in Psychology Today.
well, reading it and remembering Inside Out movies,
makes me grateful because I can feel sad and okay with it.

thanks for the lesson, dear you.
I think I will always learn new things from our interaction.
maybe until one day we have to stop the way it is right now
and live separately, peacefully, yet wisely.
maybe, if the day would come,
in spite of the fact I wish it won't.

staring at the beautiful flower she just picked,
she doesn't know what to do afterwards.
one thing she knows for sure,
she wants to keep the beauty of the flower
lasts forever.