Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Naive and Idealist

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"now you know what people know about you
but you don't know"
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I was told yesterday,
by my latest psychology friends
(I know them more after graduation,
I wonder where were they when I was in college)
the ugliest truth I have ever heard about myself.

I talked with them for hours.
we talked about random stuffs but the main topic
is about humans and their behavior.
our long talk lead us to the discussion about idealism.
at one point, I said I have unrealistically high standard
for everything I do.
somehow it makes me more motivated,
on the other hand it makes me frustrated.
instead of calling me as idealist,
they insisted that I am naive, unable to acknowledge the reality.

the way this conversation ends
makes me wonder about the difference between
being naive or idealist.
or maybe there is another term to call this kind of
'high standard' person?
faithful? hopeful? optimistic?

because as a 'high standard' person,
though I tend to be disappointed with the unchangeable condition,
I always try my best to make my surroundings meet my standard.
I am such a hopeful person then, aren't I?