Saturday, 26 September 2015

Talking With You

picture taken from here.

I still can't move on from our last meeting.
I woke up this morning,
remember the term you said to describe me.
unconsciously blank
it always makes me smile widely.
what a phrase you have!
there is no such thing as it is *laugh*

a friend on my observation site once told me
that I am the type of person who tend to have difficulty in moving on.
yeah, I enjoy myself with memories,
mementos and stuffs that is retained past.
I realized this is not a good habit.
I am trying to reduce it but I can't help my nature.
I think I need to put more effort to stop this unhealthy practice.

my difficulty in moving on proved by the fact
that I am thinking for days,
about what you have told me.
that is because you are admiring me.
you said it when I said to you
"it is funny to know that my heart beats more relaxed
when we meet face-to-face rather than we text to each other.
I supposed it will rumble heavily if I met you in person".

I don't believe your judgement that I am admiring you.
this strong feeling I have towards you
I believe is something more than just an admiration.
I triggered to seek more about "butterflies in tummy" phenomenon
which happens a lot to most people who meet their favorite person.

one day I read an article that is trying to explain
what is really happening inside our stomach when
there are "butterflies in tummy".
simply said, it is our mechanism to make our selves more aware
when something which is possible to threat us is near.

I think I don't feel it because I don't need anything
to enable myself fight or flight, when you are around me.
you are far from threat definition
since I feel safe and secure, peaceful and happy.
even when I watched an emotional movie
like Inside Out with you, I am so calm I don't cry.

unexpectedly, you are that interesting I can't explain my own feeling.