Sunday, 27 September 2015

Teach Me To Listen

last year status and I remember it today.
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Teach me to listen, O God,
to those nearest me, my family, my friends, my co-workers.
Help me to be aware that no matter what words I hear, the message is,
“Accept the person I am. Listen to me.”
Teach me to listen, my caring God,
to those far from me– the whisper of the hopeless, the plea of the forgotten, the cry of the anguished.
Teach me to listen, O God my Mother, to myself. Help me to be less afraid to trust the voice inside — in the deepest part of me.
Teach me to listen, Holy Spirit, for your voice — in busyness and in boredom, in certainty and doubt, in noise and in silence.
Teach me, Lord, to listen. Amen.
– John Veltri, S.J. (1933 – 2008)
Canadian spiritual director and expert guide for those presenting the Spiritual Exercises