Thursday, 12 November 2015

A New Beginning

just the way it is.
edited the picture from here.
yesterday was the very first day after these few months,
no text from each of us during the whole day.
I was so busy yet I don't really know what to say to you.
apparently, yesterday was over and our daily routines
seems ended.

I just realize this few hours later
and I wonder if
1. I ran out of words,
2. or out of topics to be said to you,
3. or there is nothing thrilling to be talked anymore,
4. or I don't have much energy to make an effort,
5. or I just don't want to bother you
with all my bugging behaviors.

I found this saying on my Pinterest pin homepage.
somehow I think Pinterest just know my situation.

breathe. trust. let go. see what happens.
picture taken from here.
yes, I have plenty plans for us.
zentaglingdoodling, crafting.
visiting art events (ranges from visual arts exhibitions,
art performances, plays, concerts, to poetry readings).
joining independent cinema fests
or perhaps any interesting workshops.
attending weekend mass in Jakarta churches.
chitchatting in your favorite coffee shop
or maybe trying some interesting coffee shops.
playing games (video or board games,
trampolinelaser game, arcade games, you name it).
filling trivia questions about each of us.
reading books or picking book to be read by each other
while eating desserts.
wandering around some places we've never explored before
(Kota, or PIK, or Blok M, Jakarta parks, or elsewhere).
bicycling at the beach, seeing fishes, going to a zoo.
exploring Jakarta and take a lot of street photos.

well, not to mention those usual hanging out activities, e.g
watching movies,
eating lunch or dinner or just enjoying meals,
doing Jakarta short culinary trips.

I do enjoy my time that was spent with you.
I feel happy and I like to spend more time.
should I thank you for the time you have spent on me?
or shall we spend more time?

I don't know if I have to ask this,
it is pretty clear without I have to say it out loud, isn't it?
"there are things you don't have to ask, Stella"
your words stop me from doing things I used to do the most:
asking and confirming.