Friday, 11 December 2015

Postgrad Plans

thanks for the picture.
I searched some places to continue my higher education journey.
I am not interested in studying in Indonesia
because I need new experience and
more exposure to wilder academic world.
as I seek information about psychology master degrees programs,
I found this super duper fascinating major!
unluckily, it is in Cambridge,
the second oldest university in the English-speaking world.

shot from here.

the major is so perfect.
it covers social psychology and also developmental aspects of human!
both of them are my interest.
unfortunately, as I read the requirement,
well, I create new belief instantly:
human may dream as high as he can
as long as it is within his limit

I found the alternatives for social and developmental psychology major
besides the one which is offered
by Cambridge, the high-ranked University.
it is in Cyprus, New York (NYU Steindhardt),
or New York (NSSR, PHd Program).
those are in NY seem interesting, esp. NYU Steindhardt.
but I prefer to seek more information and requirements needed
to join well-known University.

*continue googling