Wednesday, 3 February 2016

His Good Intention

I don't know Google can be so cute like this :')
I am getting older.
another new year.
another experiences wait for me ahead.

yesterday I was so happy.
out of the blue my brother was calling
and asked me if he can fetch me to IKEA
to help me buy my birthday present.

I was happy yet confused because
I had my own plan for yesterday.
I wanted to go to LPDP Edufair at 3PM
and at the same time my brother was intended
to go to IKEA with me, in Alam Sutera!

well, I was really reluctant.
I know he has that great intention
to buy me present before my birthday
but I prefer to go to LPDP Edufair
rather than to IKEA.

I thought it only took us about 1 hour
to be at the Edufair.
in fact, our chat with one of LPDP awardee
made us spent 2 hours in Indonesia Finance Ministry.
5PM, instead of going to IKEA, we changed our plan.
I told my brother to stop by Brownbag at Menteng Central
before we went home. I think he was disappointed with me choosing to go to LPDP.

lovely club!
not only we ate the club sandwich well,
but we ended up to buy Baskin&Robin's ice cream also.
this is so impulsive since the ice-cream-buying was stimulated
by the promotion on SMS we got, "buy value scoop and got another scoop for free".
I was extremely full and happy afterwards
and I always thank God because He made him my brother.

thanks for the good intention brother,
I do feel grateful for it.
let's go to IKEA next time, 'kay?