Thursday, 4 February 2016

Trail Mix!

the thing which makes me know "trail mix" phrase.
thanks Archer Farms.
I have never eaten a trail mix.
I have tried other snack mix such as those
which combines many kind of peanuts,
or dried fruits, or even Indian dried foods.
but never before do I know there is this kind of snack mix
contains of peanuts, M&M's, raisins, choco chips,
and peanut butter chips.
this is oddly new for me.

interestingly, though I can't eat chocolate
because it is my allergen,
I enjoy eating this Archer Farms trail mix
that was given by a strangers in my freelance place.
actually I just eat the peanut, raisins, and the peanut butter chips.
since I don't like Skippy, I got quite surprise
the peanut butter chips can be tasted so good.
I love the trail mix though I don't eat the chocolate.

this new lovely food drives me to search more about trail mix.
what is this kind of invention?
why the hell people has to eat this kind of weird snack mixing?

apparently, the trail mix has its own invention story.
the purpose of this unique combination snack is to give
enough supplies for the hikers.
the carbohydrate and the fat that could be gained from the mix,
without making the hikers feel so full during eating it,
makes it becomes the perfect meal for the hikers
when they are on their way climbing a mountain.

well, eating classic mix trail
makes me  feel like a hiker. hahahaha.