Sunday, 20 March 2016

Finally, I Have One

proud of myself! ha!
honestly, when I have to fill a form about personal fact,
I always stare blankly at the hobby column. seriously.
I wonder what is my hobby since I believe that
hobby is something a person always do when he has spare time
on his busy life, and I always use my spare time either for
watching something, listening to something, or doing nothing.

usually, I won't take it too personal.
"maybe I don't have any hobby" , I thought.
when I have to fill the hobby column in formal form,
I'd like to put reading books and blogging as my hobbies.
when in semi-formal form,
I tend to list reading articles and watching movies as my hobbies.
when in non-formal form,
I'd fill it with sleeping.
yeah, I can be at the same lame-level as those kids
who don't even know the differences between
needs and hobbies.

it is quite distressing actually,
when I know I don't have any particular hobby.
sometimes I found myself jealous with my brother
who happens to have one since JHS.
he loves to draw and color using various medias.
I got more jealous with my incredible friends
who has dancing or singing or playing guitar
or photography as their hobby.

I want to have hobby since I was at primary school.
in fact, the more I think about it,
the more I have no idea what is my real hobby.
drawing using crayons, yup I like to do it.
singing, yup I enjoy it.
whistling, yeah I do it nearly everyday.
designing poster, yeah I do it sometimes when needed.
listening to the radio, well I am addicted to it.
then, what is my hobby?

today is the day when I finally get the answer.
I randomly seek for my diaries, the books I used
to put all of my thoughts and feelings on.
I know where I put those books, but amazingly,
I just realize it know that
I really used to write down my thoughts and feelings
since I was at primary school!!!
I am amazed with myself.
(maybe this can be the reason why a friend once told me
that I am good at describing abstract things)

I was starting pouring down feelings and thoughts on books
since 2002, when I was on 5 grade, I think.
it is really fun to know how I was when I was younger.
doing self-reflection, recalling memories, well,
I really love my hobby :')

on the other post, I think I would like to summarize
and make a short self-analyses of myself
based on the diaries I currently read.
hello old me, this is new me.
(yeah, so many things have changed in myself.)