Thursday, 10 March 2016

(Might Be) Lost

the girl taken from here.
this story inspired from Ryan Adriandhy's tumblr,
my favorite comica, ever!
there is a girl who lives in a boonies.
she lives for years with her little family,
she has a good self-concept.
overall, she is an ordinary, and well-functioning kind of girl.

jungle of nowhere.
illustration from here.
one day on her way back home,
she doesn't know where she is.
one thing she knows,
she is in the middle of  a jungle.
the jungle has no signs,
thus it seems impossible for her
to get out from there quickly.
she only wants to get rid of the coldness
and the muteness she feels from the quiet jungle.
those conditions discomfort her.
every trees look similar.
she got more confused as she took any step to anywhere.

image from here.
in the middle of her bewilderment,
she met something that leads her to create
new belief: it didn't matter which way she took
since she didn't really know where she wanted to go.
she knows she wants to go out from the jungle ASAP,
the problem is, she doesn't know where to go afterwards.
whether she is going to visit her friend
or she goes straight back to her home.
she is still considering her destination.

words from here.
she feels terribly scared
although she knows every steps she took
would lead her one feet closer to the jungle exit.
shortly after she was afflicted with her own fears,
she made her decision.
she only wants to get away immediately.

originally said by Nelson Mandela.
pretty post-it image from here.
at one point on her run away mission,
she makes herself remember that
everything will seem impossible,
not until it is done.
she took a step, one by one, bravely and faithfully,
despite of the fact she has no idea
where her steps would lead her into.

words from here.
she stops every time she saw any branch of the path.
the branches discourage her to take another step.
she is overwhelmed with fright that the branch she took
will only lead her deeper into the jungle.
she wants to cry so bad.
she doesn't know well how to
make a decision wisely.
she thinks a lot about every possibilities of every steps
until she realized, she must do something.
she has to try any possibility that lies upon her.
she has to choose a way and try it.
thinking too much won't let her anywhere.

words from here.
it turns out, after lots of steps she took,
after she went through a lot of possibilities,
after she kept telling herself such a reinforcement
to continue her journey,
small amount of light brighten up her dirty face.
she is enjoying the sun ray happily,
while thinking that her struggling and her effort
are on their way to make her able to achieve her goal.

lettering from here, thanks Hannah..
the sun shines up above her head,
she never felt such a joy.
once again, she shows herself,
she could when she does.
she shows herself,
doubtfulness and overthinking
won't let her anywhere.