Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Trust is A Choice

perfectly powerful image to illustrate trust.
there won't be any trust when there is no bravery.
brave enough to bear the broken when he decided to trust.
in the last 3 months, I am exposed to the abundance of trust
from people around me.
I saw how strangers be able to trust each other and also
how family members possible to broke their own trust by them selves.

those 90 days of learning makes me realized,
trust is a fundamental aspect in any relationship.
from parents-children relation, or siblings relation,
up to relation between lovers or even strangers.
not to mention the kind of relationship between
the government and its people.
any kind of human interaction needs to be based on trust
though it might require different quality of trust.

the more intimate the interaction, the higher quality of trust
is needed to keep the interaction healthy.
it will be hurt more for a mother to know her beloved son
is hiding his serious illness rather than a friend knows
his other friend has serious illness for years without his knowing.

some people might say trust is gained.
we have to show those characteristics,
such as being responsible, integrated, honest, and so on,
in order to be able to be trusted.
at first I think this rationale is right.
one day, at some point, esp. after I learn
a lot from my surroundings during the last 3 months,
I wonder which came first,
a person is given trust by other person so one becomes trustable
a person already has qualities in himself that enable him to gain
trust from anyone.

well, whatever what the root cause is
in the end, trust will always the matter of choice,
for it is involving our decision-making process.
shall we be vulnerable with trusting other wholeheartedly?