Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Being Real

few days ago, a good friend of mine
share this post on her Facebook page.
it hit me hard since I was on that time
when I hate that sentimental part of myself
which is easily touched over small things.
I have ever told a friend,
"just give me some minor attentions
like asking whether I am hungry and need a meal friend,
or checking if I got bored and wanted to talk or watch movie together.
I might like you, dearly."

as the time goes by, I realize, that's me.
that sentimental whore is me.
that cheesy bitch is me.
that full of feeling person is me.
those traits are mine.

I hate being sentimental because I usually find
it is just me who are so full of feelings.
the fact is not that tragic or appreciative
but I tend to feel more than what it looks like.
it makes me weary somehow,
but I nearly hopeless trying to get rid of this
sentimental side of me. 

today, I saw this Facebook page generator.
it surprises me a little.
I think this generator is quite exaggerated.

the generator is here.

yeah, I can give my concern towards someone's problem
more than the person himself.
yeah, I tend to be disappointed, esp. when it comes to relation.
*embracing the sentimental part of me*