Monday, 25 April 2016

In Love with Telegram

add Satuan Peternak Bebek sticker on your Telegram!
I find this sticker customization is really interesting.
I was a WhatsApp loyal user for more than 4 years.
I've never found such an instant messaging application
as powerful as WhatsApp.
not until I know Telegram.

it only took me two days to fall in love with this app.
Telegram is really giving the experience that I can't get
when I am using WhatsApp or any other personal IM apps.

  • Telegram enables you to make your very own sticker! geez this is super awesome feature.
  • yeah I made it!
  • Telegram enables you to make a huge group. you can add up to 5000 members in one group! this is great though I can't wonder how chaos the group will be.
  • Telegram has a lot of bots to be the group gimmick! I have tried some of them, Werewolf and Hangman is the most fun after all.
  • Telegram doesn't take so much space like WhatsApp. this is such a great advantage especially when you have a group of active to send-pictures member.

our favorite game!
the stats doesn't make sense anyway...

there are some cool features of Telegram like inline bot,
handy feature to make searching and posting stuffs
with your friends become easier.
but even I don't find it useful, I'm already falling in love with Telegram.