Friday, 10 June 2016

Another Lesson to Learn

Some parts of myself know that this might to be happened
but I never know this experience become worse
when I know some people
who are successfully get what they want.
At a time like this, I really understand ignorance is a bliss.

When I logged in to my account to check the result,
I don't feel anything.
Maybe that's the sign from my body
 to prepare myself for the worst case.
And that is exactly what happened.

My dear professor asked me
what will I do if I failed.
I answered her confidently,
I am sure I am going to join the last phase of the selection this year.

I was able to answer her confidently
because I don't know how will I feel
and how disappointed I can be when I really have to face it.

Should I give myself the second chance?
Should I give up?
What is the best thing for me right now?

I can't stop thinking, as always, when adversity visits me occasionally.