Thursday, 9 June 2016

Quirk is A Lifestyle

this captivating image was taken from here

I fell in love with visual arts, esp. illustration (and also the illustrator? Ha!)
I always want to have a friend who is really an illustrator or an artist,
well, not to mention I wish to have an illustrator boyfriend.
This silly dream came to me when I was a freshman
and I know this GD person,
a senior who was actively involved in a movie screening community.
(oh geeezzz! he is getting cooler with that personal site!!!)

His artworks really amazed me and they successfully stimulates me
to explore more about artsy stuffs.
I do really love his creations.
At that time, I have never seen
such good digital graphics as those which he made.

I stalk his social media accounts
and the more I know him,
the more I love with his way to see the world.
He has his own way to tell the story behind his drawings.
It is deep and beautiful.

this is his works that I've seen first time
and I instantly fell head over heels.

I have never talked to him though I know we were once being at the same class.
I was too afraid to talk to him since he doesn't have that friendly face.
I think this indirect encounter makes me develop that dream I mentioned above.
From him I learn a lot about the amazing mind of an artist.
The moment I know this GD person
is the moment I am eager to attend events which are highly related
with arts and movies.

It is not a dream once it comes to be true.
I meet this cool girl named Kanya.
I met her in this internship program in a social marketing agency.
She is funny and super authentic, she makes me remember
I was once have a dream to befriended with an illustrator.
She doesn't want to be called graphic designer.
She is calling herself an illustrator.
She is totally cool!

She enjoys drawing in spite of the fact she graduated from
History Department Gajah Mada University.
Her artworks really catch my attention.
Her quirk way to behave makes me like her even more.
I wish we can be a good friend.

I can't wait to see her first drawings for the agency.
I am totally grateful for the rejection for it makes me meet her in peace.
Glad to meet you quirk girl.

I bet she's such a sentimental bitch also.
image taken from here