Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Beyond A Dream

taken from my college friend's Facebook.
I saw that post this morning.
as I read the caption,
I can feel how happy she is.
I can feel how her partner tries his best
to make her the happiest person on Earth.
I can feel how her dream is a dream a girl supposed to have.

a slight envious feeling slip in my heart.
and then I realized,
why should I envy her?
I don't even once have such a dream.

at that very moment I thought more about dreams as a wish to come true.
what my friend experienced is something she wished for a long time
and then it become real, at the perfect time.
she said it well to her partner what she wants
and where she wants the proposal to be happened.

she knows what she wants and that is what she gets.
it sounds really fair huh?

on the other hand, I think about people who don't have clear picture
about their own future. I think about me.

I have never dreamed about anything related with marriage.
well, yeah, when I was on my junior high school
I was heavily influenced by Meg Cabot's Princess Diaries.
Michael Moscovitz is my dream boy.
I enjoyed to dream myself owning a guy like MM.
that geek, caring, calm, unpredictable,
and always there when Mia needs him.

never once I dreamed about wedding gown, proposal,
and those stuffs which every other girls
supposed to dream about in their teenage.
when it comes to marriage, my imagination is about
the personality of my future partner
and things we are going to do together
that's it. no more no less.

then I think again.
is it possible for those who never dream about something in particular,
get something particularly?
if someone never dream about something,
does s/he deserve something that everyone dream about?

I never dream about a fancy proposal
or a glamorous wedding,
does that mean I cannot own one?
is there any possibility for me to have one?

well, in the end I believe,
He always gives us what we need. the best one.
though sometimes, parents don't really know what is the best for their kids,
before the kids ask about it first.

I think I really need to know what I want.